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Area: South East England

The Adult Party Place has thousands of swinger dating members located in South East England.
Some of the major towns and cities in the southeast are listed below. Several have links to more detailed pages containing information about the activities in, and features of, a specific city or town area. The articles which you will find on those pages are presented somewhat tongue-in-cheek but are nonetheless factual. The activities of local swingers who use the Adult Party Place swinger dating site to find and meet other adult fun-seekers in the area are also commented upon, as are the wider aspects of the swinger dating scene, including any swinger party venues in each area

  • Basingstoke This prosperous and rapidly expanding town has not been swinging for very long. It's history is of small communities where swinger dating was not really the done thing.
  • Brighton It all happens in Brighton. One of the best house swinger party venues in the country and one of the most active areas for swinger dating.
  • Crawley Crawley's name is derived from, Craw Leah, meaning a Crow Infested Clearing. Hopefully our 1200 swinger dating members in Crawley are not overburdened by old crows!
  • Eastbourne Despite being famous for it's population of geriatrics, many young swingers can also be found in the area.
  • Gillingham Jezreel's Tower no longer stands in Gillingham, having been demolished in 1961. Pity; this strange religious monument, might have made an excellent swinger party venue.
  • Hastings The battle of Hastings took place in 1066. At the last count we had 1050 swinger dating members in Hastings. The 16 needed to make 1066 have almost certainly joined since.
  • Maidstone It's name means, Stone of the maidens. Perhaps this was a place where young maidens gathered for adult fun?
  • Oxford City of dreaming spires. Swinger dating activities in the city include one regular party venue very close to the spires.
  • Portsmouth Once, wild orgies took place below decks on the Royal Naval vessels that sailed from Pompey. Nowadays, swinger dating in Portsmouth offers more space and refinement.
  • Reading You might be surprised to learn that Reading is the UK's 18th biggest town. Swinger dating activity in the area certainly points to Reading being a very big place.
  • Slough The dreary town made famous by The Office. Can you imagine a scene where David Brent organises an office party with swinging in mind?
  • Southampton The swinger city of the south coast. A very active swinger dating area with one of the UK's best swinger party venues.
  • St Albans This historic town boasts the oldest pub in England - The Fighting Cocks. Local swingers in the area are thinking of naming their new adult party venue after it!
  • Watford is so near to adult party places in London, plus a large swinger party venue in nearby Radlett. Local swinger dating members attend these instead of organising parties in Watford.

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