Erotic sex at an adult party

The most erotic sex I have ever experienced

Some time ago, I went to and adult party in a luxury two bedroom apartment on the upmarket side of Piccadilly. It provided me with the most erotic sex I have ever experienced.
Upon arrival, I quickly got chatting to two really gorgeous girls, both probably in their early twenties. They told me they were regulars who hardly ever missed the chance of a party. The three of us were soon the most erotic sex ever whispering away like giggling school girls, discussing our preferences for some of the guys in the room. They knew we were discussing them and clearly enjoyed every minute of it. The subject changed as to how the two girls always liked to help get parties started by doing an erotic lezzy floor show. They asked me if I wanted to join them and it wasn’t long before all three of us were sprawling in a naked heap on the floor and licking each others pussies. It was incredibly erotic having sex in front of everyone like that and it proved a very successful method of getting a really super party underway. I lost count with the number of times I was fucked that night, to say nothing of the number of cocks I sucked. What's more, I met some really great guys and girls with whom I have stayed friendly ever since.
From now on, I intend to make time in my very busy schedule to get along to another party as soon as possible. It really was the most erotic sex I have ever enjoyed.

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