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Cocking sucking at the Romford swinger party

Sharing the cock sucking fun

What happened at the party1 I was with Nigel when I attended the swinger party in a three bedroom house venue near Romford. He is a guy that I've known for a couple of years and occasionally attends parties with me. He likes to wander around on his own to start with and leaves me to find him later on. When I caught up with him on this particular night he was in one of the bedrooms a woman was energetically sucking his cock whilst being shagged doggy fashioned by her partner at the same time. Nigel signalled for me to join in. The most obvious way was for me to straddle his face so he could lick my cunt whilst I helped the woman with the cock sucking. When I first came face to face with her, she paused sucking Nigel's cock to exchange some delicious tonguing with me. The she took Nigel's cock in her hand and popped it into my mouth. Whilst I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, the woman nibbled at his balls. I knew that this combination from two women was Nigel's favourite. It was sending him wild.

Sharing the cock sucking like two school girls with a lolly pop

We took turns and kept swapping our roles, occasionally sharing his cock like two little schoolgirls licking a shared lolly from both sides. Whilst all this was going on, my soaking wet pussy was continuously being licked and fingered in the way that Nigel always does so perfectly. The woman's partner went on fucking her until she came in an explosive orgasm. I was very near to doing the same but Nigel beat me to it, shooting his spunk into the woman's mouth whilst she still uttering noisy orgasmic groans. Thankfully, her partner still hadn't come so I was able to finish off by changing places with the woman and receiving a glorious fucking from the rear in which her man and I both came simultaneously. It was a great party and it's a great venue but from that day on I shall always remember it as the great cock sucking party venue

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