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Swinger fun in a Jacuzzi

Hi my name is Olivia. I am a self confessed nymphomaniac who goes to swinger parties, mixed adult parties and greedy girl parties as often as I can. This is a typical story of the sort of thing I get up to at the parties.
I really love about party venues with Jacuzzis or any form of communal pool. They provide swingers with a reason to get their kit off and get really close up to other naked bodies under the cover of warm, relaxing water. This makes me feel really horny but at the same time induces a wonderful euphoric state. You tend to sit around for some time like that, just generally socialising and chatting but at the same time, doing more and more touching under the water until somebody just gets too horny to take any more.
Olivia group sex pic at side of JacuzziUpon entering this particular swingers club, I was warmly greeted by some of regular swingers, couple of whom offered to show me around. They introduced themselves to me as Kate and Stuart. When they had shown me each of the playrooms, the dance area, the Jacuzzi and sauna, my guided tour was complete so I asked them whether they fancied a dip in the Jacuzzi.
"We love the Jacuzzi," the two gorgeous swingers replied, "And nearly always start the night off with some fun in the water. Shall we go now?"
We got undressed in the locker room. Kate revealed her beautiful slim figure with pert breasts, a perfect tight arse and a neatly trimmed pussy that begged further exploration. Stuart had a muscular, tanned body and a thick cock that I just longed to help along its way to a full erection. We put our clothes in the lockers, grabbed some towels and made our way to the tub.
There were another two couples in the jacuzzi already and they seemed please to see us, moving up to make room for us to squeeze in next to them.
Kate signaled for Stuart to get in first so he could sit next to one of the other women, then she waved me past her and said, "Go on, you can sit between Stuart and me, if you like."
I felt a wave of warmth surge deep inside of me as I heard the suggestion and enthusiastically took up my seat next to Stuart. Kate followed me in and sat the other side of me. It was the ideal situation and it was not long before I was fondling Stuart's nice hard cock on one side of me and exploring Kate's soft pussy on the other.
The couple next to Stuart were soon engaged in similar activities and the woman wasted very little time in helping me with the massaging of Stuart's cock. After a while we all started swapping and changing positions trying out most of what is actually comfortable and possible within our water filled environment. In the end I think we were all quite relieved to hear one of women suggest that we got out to complete our activities elsewhere.
But nobody wanted to waste time drying off or to allow our libido for some group sex in any way diminish. Instead we stopped off for some fun at the side of the Jacuzzi. I found it an incredibly erotic experience. One couple played by themselves foe a bit and then got back into the water to watch the remaining five of us cavorting on the non-slip matting that surrounded the Jacuzzi.

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