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Ever wondered about the wild side of the city of dreaming spires? Well, get ready for a surprise because Oxford is buzzing with some truly uninhibited, adult adventures! From casual sex dating to wild sex parties, our Oxford membership is booming with singles and couples who are all about embracing the excitement of open relationships.

As a new member, you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Whether it's casual, one-on-one sex encounters you are looking for or whether you want to get into group-sex and attend some sex parties, the local scene and it's active members are the perfect combination to get you off to a great start.

The city provides some of the best rendezvous for meeting up to be found anywhere in the country. George Street, smack dab in the city centre, is probably the most popular with members looking for safe, first-time dates. With it's cozy restaurants or chill pubs, it's the perfect backdrop for those initial, "nerves-and-all meetings". Oxford's Jericho district also scores high on the list of rendezvous for one-on-one sex dates. Its quaint pubs and cool cocktail joints set the stage for getting to know each other in the most relaxed way possible. All in all, Oxford's got the spots, and we've got the members to match. So isn't it about time you unleash your desires and joined them?

Local Sex parties

Some of our Oxford members arrange and host adult parties in their own homes. One particular property in the Old Marston district has proved particularly popular recently and like most other couple-hosted sex parties, single males are normally expected to bring a participating female with them. However, if you are a single male there is no need not be put off by this requirement because we help to put you in touch with female members who want to party every bit as much as you do. We have been in the casual dating and adult party business since 2002 and our membership recruitment has always focussed on attracting sexually liberated women who yearn for multiple, casual-sex relationships with single guys. These are women who actively seek out adult parties where they can enhance their experiences by attending regularly with new partners. Additionally, many of our couple members enjoy liaisons with single guys and as well as creating opportunities to have threesome relationships, couples can often take an extra male to parties with them. So by connecting men who don't have play-partners with our female and couple members, we can help you to turn your fantasies into reality.

There's no need to let nervousness or shyness about attending an adult party worry you. Take comfort in the fact that the other party guests are just normal individuals – not exceptionally extroverted and certainly not immune to the occasional bout of social anxiety. Moreover, because you will already have connected with a captivating partner to attend with, any nervousness will be absorbed by her companionship. It not only adds an element of comfort but practically guarantees a smooth navigation through the landscape of first-timer nerves.

Once you have a regular party partner why not take things up a notch by co-hosting your own events with her? Don't stress if you don't have suitable premises. Consider renting a place instead and splitting the hire costs with your party guests. Stepping into the role of party guru will boost your reputation in Oxford's adult party scene, practically guaranteeing you invites to other people's parties.

Some local experiences

Single Female:
I've recently split up. My ex was all about the moral and religious stuff, strictly sticking to vanilla monogamy. But truth be told, I always had this sneaky desire to try an adult party and get into some naughty stuff, like threesomes with two blokes or exploring my bi side in the other kind of threesomes. I started scouting for sites like yours, signed up, and much to my surprise (and delight), all those secret fantasies of mine are now a regular part of my life.

Single Male:
I am a 42-year-old man from Oxford, who had been looking for exciting casual sex and threesomes for years without success. I tried several other adult-dating sites but they didn’t really deliver much. Then I discovered and decided to give your free membership a trial run. I liked it, so upgraded. Almost straight away, doors started opening for me. I’ve now had numerous casual encounters with some really naughty ladies and several threesomes with couples. Its exactly what I wanted.

We're a mid-30’s couple who wanted to spice up our marriage by trying some swinging. became a significant game-changer for us, offering a unique space for exploration and connecting like-minded couples and singles for fulfilling experiences. We have nothing but praise for the platform's effectiveness in making our pursuit of “forbidden pleasures” so smooth and satisfying.

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