Is a Swinger Lifestyle really for You?

Information about the swinger lifestyle

What is the Swinging Lifestyle?

This page contains some tips and advice to help you decided whether the Swinger Lifestyle in general and our parties in particular, are for you. But please consider; there is no better way to find out than by cumming along to an adult party.
We always welcome you, even if you decide it isn't for you. No one will pounce on you or try to persuade you to do anything you don't feel ready to do.

Swinging can be defined as: recreational social sex

Usually this refers to male / female couples meeting and engaging in sexual liaisons with other couples. Such couples are commonly referred to as Swingers
Sometimes the definition of swinging and swingers encompasses more than swinger couple relationships. For some, the definition of swinging can include threesome liaisons, where a single and a couple form a sexual relationship.

Swinger Lifestyle and Swinger Parties

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