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Swinging Parties and Swinger Clubs

Swingers usually meet at parties

These events may be organised by people in their own private houses or by clubs with commercial premises. Although single females are welcome at swinging parties, this is not usually the case with single males.

This may be for several reasons that even those setting the rules are not always fully conscious of themselves:

  1. Only a very small proportion of swinging couples want liaisons with single males.
  2. Males are often perceived (although in reality this is not the case) as likely to be pushy and unwilling to take no for an answer.
  3. The female form is naturally pleasing to both men and women. Therefore a party where women outnumber men is visually and erotically appealing, whereas one with too many men around can look seedy and even slightly threatening
  4. Most men are homophobic to the extent that having too many male bodies in close proximity can unconsciously generate a degree of unease and stress. Women on the other hand, are usually completely comfortable in the close proximity of other female bodies and female bisexuality is generally accepted in the swinging community.

What swingers wear

Very often, swingers attend parties dressed as normally as you would expect guests to dress for other kinds of party. The difference is that an adult party presents an opportunity to wear something much more erotic for those who feel comfortable doing so.
Some swingers are naturist but most are not. Even those that are rarely dare to go naked for the whole duration of the party, so it is fairly unusual to see naked bodies outside of the bedrooms or playrooms of a party.

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