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The Solution for Nervous Couples and Singles

Nervous about adult parties?

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Ideal for first timers

Ideal for swingers and singles who feel apprehensive about attending adult parties

Over the years, we have met many people who feel quite intimidated at the prospect of attending an adult party. This doesn't apply to just females and couples.

Single males often feel just as afraid. For some people, the prospect can be so daunting that they fail to attend - even after paying for parties in advance. Additionally, there are those couples and singles who pluck up enough courage to attend, only to walk out again before the swinger action begins!

Soft swinging and flirtatious socialising

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Not a typical swinger party

A few years back, some of our local members came up with a solution to this problem. They hired a large public house in Harlow, and hosted parties that were more of a flirtatious social get-together than a typical swinger party. Sometimes things would go further and there were always opportunities for private threesomes and foursomes.

The venue provided a clean and pleasant environment to meet in and had two private rooms for those seeking more intimate encounters. These were lit by subdued lighting, sexily decorated and comfortably furnished.

Unfortunately the public house was closed at the end of 2019 but by that time the local adult party network was well enough established and organised for members to continue similar parties in other premises.

Less adventurous couples and singles

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Refreshingly honest attitude

The result of this refreshingly honest attitude towards meeting the needs of new, apprehensive and less adventurous people, is still proving to be a very positive and popular one. The numbers of regular couples and singles attending these soft-swing adult parties has continued to grow and the idea has spread throughout Essex and into other areas.

Originally parties were held fortnightly on Friday nights at the pub venue but since its closure our local members enjoy regular house parties on various nights and even organise occasional daytime ones when there is a demand for them.