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The first step in getting along to a free sex party is to make connections with active members of Peterborough’s Adultpartyplace community by using our casual sex dating platform. This also provides single men with an ideal way of finding partners to accompany them to sex parties that do not invite unaccompanied males.

Including unaccompanied males in the sex party scene where a need to achieve equilibrium between genders exists, has always been a challenge to party hosts. Commercial venues often meet the challenge by charging single men hefty fees to attend Greedy Girls Parties, whereas host of free sex parties meet the challenge by not inviting any males who are unaccompanied. As is the case everywhere else, the most enjoyable sort of parties in the Peterborough area are privately hosted, free sex parties. They are held in private residences and operate discretely and exclusively within a local party network of members. But single males need not be daunted by this situation, our innovative adult party and online casual-sex-dating platform presents them with the perfect solution.

When you join Adultpartyplace, you are integrated into a community of sexually adventurous singles and couples. Our extensive efforts over decades have cultivated this thriving network throughout the U.K., including here in the Peterborough area. We have been in the casual sex dating and adult party business since 2002 and our unwavering focus has always been on attracting sexually liberated ladies who crave for multiple, no-strings relationships with single guys. These are women who share the excitement of participating in sex parties and actively seek to enhance their experiences by attending them regularly with new partners. Connecting with these party-loving ladies, single men are able to step through an exclusive gateway into a realm where their fantasies turn into reality.

Peterborough’s Broad Spectrum of Members

Our membership in the Peterborough area is represented by a broad spectrum of ages, ethnicity, social groupings, physical characteristics, and interests. Before joining us, most had no experience of sex parties or of for that matter, of any group sex activities. Many had tried and failed to get into the adult fun scene on and off for years. Some have told us that their past efforts had made them highly sceptical of ever realizing their dreams and that in joining us they were giving it one last chance!

As well as being total newcomers to the scene, a lot of members have admitted to having been quite nervous and even shy about attending their first sex party but they soon discovered that this is only natural. Even, experienced members who regularly attend sex parties are, on average, no more extroverted than anyone else. So don’t worry if you think you might be too nervous or shy to enjoy the scene. You will soon be wondering why you ever felt that way.

Where to enjoy casual sex dating, group sex and parties in Peterborough

The Peterborough area offers a wide choice of rendezvous for casual sex encounters, especially for lovers of country pubs and historic inns. The surrounding rural areas provide the best hotels for the more intimate stage of hookups. Places like Orton Hall Hotel in the village of Orton Longueville have proved popular retreats for discreet, threesome and even foursome fun.

For free sex parties, upmarket residential properties always prove the most popular and successful venues. For several years past, a lovely five-bedroom house in Hampton Vale hosted regular gatherings that were not only popular locally but also attracted members from quite distant areas of East Anglia and the Midlands. Currently, areas such as Bourne, Duddington, and Whittlesey have homes that are ideal for good parties. Some members also like to rent out short term holiday lets and hotel suites for hosting smaller events. There are no commercial sex-club venues in Peterborough itself, but some members like to travel to St Neots and Leicester where there are fee-charging establishments which hold swinger and greedy girls parties.

Some local experiences

Single Male:
I have fantasised about group sex and going to sex parties for as long as I can remember but living in Peterborough, it seemed nothing like that ever goes on and even if it did, I hadn’t a clue how a bloke like me would be able to get into the scene. Then one day I saw you website and decided I’d sign up for membership. It turned out to be my game-changer and I have turned my fantasies into reality. Josh.

Single Female:
I am a not-so-young divorcee from Yaxley, whose moralistic and very religious, ex-husband’s idea of sex was strictly missionary-style, monogamy. Secretly, I had always wanted to go to a sex party and explore naughty things like having two men in a threesome. So when the divorce came I started looking for sites like yours. I joined and much to my surprise (and pleasure), I have discovered all of my secret desires were easily realised and here to regularly enjoy. Jen.

We are a Peterborough couple who joined because we wanted to spice up our sex life with some sex parties and other adventurous stuff with couples and singles. It didn’t take us long to find a good party venue and we also found some really great single guys for threesomes. (Oli likes watching me with other men.) We are also able to take guys we hook up with to the parties. For our next step, we are planning on throwing our own parties soon. Michele & Oli.

Some members

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