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What is a Greedy Girls Party?

Adult parties attended by ladies who enjoy group sex with an excess of men

A greedy girls party is an adult sex party that is attended by ladies who like having group sex with an excess of men.
At some parties the majority of the females will be single, whilst at others there might also be couples who enjoy the greedy girls party scene. The ratio of males to females can vary from as high as 5 or more to one down to only two or three to one but most venues and parties operate systems that prevent the ratio reaching beyond an advertised limit (see specific venue / party pages.)

Sexual action at a greedy girls party

The sexual action at a greedy girls party is likely to be more public and in-your-face compared to what typically takes place at a swinger party. Some venues do offer private rooms but generally this practice is not felt to be in keeping with the spirit and aims of a greedy girls party and at most venues the party action all takes place in one room.

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Frequently Asked Questions about greedy girls parties

Q: Is safe sex practised?

A: Penetrative sex is always practised wearing condoms. Oral sex without is common at nearly all parties but please respect the wishes of any ladies who prefer you to wear a condom for oral sex too.
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Q: Are greedy girls parties suitable for guys who feel nervous about having sex in front of other men?

A: There are always plenty of guys who feel quite shy and apprehensive at their first party. You will not be alone but you will be surprised by how quickly everyone relaxes and starts to feel perfectly natural about this situation.

Q: My cock is very small compared to other men, will people take any notice?

A: Absolutely not. It would not be quite truthful to say that people don't notice and admire a very large cock but it certainly doesn't happen the other way around. Everyone else looks pretty much the same and no comparisons are even thought about.

Q: Do venues allow photos or videos to be taken at greedy girls parties?

A: Sorry this is a definite no-no at all sex parties.
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Q. Where can I find a greedy girls party?

A. Some of the venues listed hold regular greedy girls parties but many more are available for our V.I.P. members only.
London is especially well catered for with some of the party venues there holding this kind of party as often as three times a week. Elsewhere, venues generally hold greedy girls parties at monthly intervals.