Are the Best Kind of Adult Sex Parties Excluding You?

Have you discovered how difficult the adult party scene can be for single men?


Sex Parties that really Swing.

You may have already discovered that it’s difficult for a man to attend adult parties unless accompanied by a woman. You will also find that it is the best kind of sex parties that exclude you. By "best kind", we mean ones that really swing and are attended by at least as many women as men. They are usually referred to as Swinger Parties.

You don't need to miss out.

A lot of guys become so frustrated by this situation that they give up trying to get along to adult parties altogether. Don't let this happen to you. There are actually three great solutions to this problem and these are explained in detail further down the page.

Negative Attitude towards Single Men.

no single men admitted to sex party

Most people who are turned on by the idea of group-sex want there to be an equal number of male and female participants and preferably, an excess of female participants. Events like gang-bangs and greedy-girl parties are generally a minority taste.
As with most things, it is the majority's tastes that dictate how things will be. Couples are the lifeblood of the adult party scene and the majority of them do not want unaccompanied men to attend the parties they attend.

The reasons for this can be one or more of the following:
One or both partners only enjoy group-sex where at least as many females as males participate.

A lot of females who are attracted to the swinger lifestyle are bi-sexual. Where this is the motivating factor, there is little appeal in excess male participation.

The male partner feels threatened by other males or sees them as competition.

The female partner feels that having sex in a situation where there are more men than women reduces her participation to that of a sex object.

She finds an excess of males intimidating.

One or both partners have a negative perception about single men. This perception is often cultivated by listening to other couples. They hear anecdotal accounts which portray single men on the adult party scene as being ill-mannered, abusive or simply "sad" and undesirable.

Things that make a great adult party.

Even if you do not have a problem with male-dominated group-sex scenarios, there are a number of other factors that make the swinger type of party much more enjoyable than the ones typically available to unaccompanied single men.

Better Venues.

Adult parties available to unaccompanied single men are usually run on a commercial basis. To stand any chance of being profitable the venues need to be located in large urban areas. The premises also need to be regularly available and rented for as little as possible from landlords unconcerned about the use their property is being put to. This combination of requirements often forces organisers to use run-down, backstreet premises.

Conversely, parties that exclude single men are rarely run for profit. This allows venues to be located in less populated areas that are pleasant and safe to visit. Upmarket, private houses are the most common type of property used.

Usually much less expensive and often free.

There are many single males who are willing to pay quite substantial fees to attend adult parties. Profit motivated organisers who face the cost of rent, rates and other overheads are obviously happy to exploit this situation. On the other hand, couples and single females are generally unwilling to pay hefty fees to attend parties. As discussed above, swinger type parties are mainly run on a not-for-profit basis. They are also less likely to be held in commercial premises where rents have to be paid. As a result, this kind of party is much less expensive. Often, the only fee involved is a voluntary contribution towards the food and general running cost of the party. Sometimes even this is waived.

Local area availability.

As explained earlier, the non-commercial nature of swinger-type parties means that they do not need to restrict their venue locations to heavily populated areas. Instead, they can be held almost anywhere. This means that the best kind of parties has a good chance of taking place within your local area.

Organised, hosted and attended by genuine swingers.

Some parties that cater for single men use paid women to supplement the number of females attending. A few are little more than extended brothels. Perhaps you have already experienced a party like this. If so, you probably figured out another reason why the fee you paid was so high.
Organisers of swinger parties have no need to get up to this kind of trick because their guest lists will comprise of genuine swingers like themselves.

Three solutions that enable single males to attend the best type of adult parties.

1. Hook-up with a female to accompany you.

Hooking-up with the kind of adventurous females who share your desire for adult party sex can be much easier than you probably think.
Because we are one of the few adult dating sites to specialize in helping people find and attend adult parties, we have thousands of female members who enjoy attending parties. You can hook-up for no-strings, parties-only fun and there is no need to form a regular couple relationship unless you want to. By becoming one of our V.I.P. members you will also be able to break into the swinger circles where the best parties take place.

2. Get Sponsored.

Some swinger-type parties do actually allow a very limited and strictly controlled number of single men to attend. This is sometimes done by allowing a trusted couple to bring one along with them. The process of introducing a single male to a party in this way is often described as "Sponsoring".
Because our site combines adult dating with adult party fun, we attract many swingers who sign-up for couple-membership. Many are interested in hooking up with single men for threesome fun and love to take them to the parties they attend. As a member, you will be able to take full advantage of this situation.

3. Host Your Own Adult Parties

The third solution is for you to organise and host your own adult parties. This not only overcomes the problem of being unable to attend parties as a single man but also provides you with a very special status. Your position as host and being the only unaccompanied male present will spark interest from women attending the party. This is because curiosity is a driving force in female sexuality. Some women will find your position of authority combined with the mystique of being the only "Spare Man", quite irresistible.
Hosting your own adult parties obviously requires access to suitable premises but if you don’t have your own house or the one you do own is unavailable for some reason, you can always organise your parties in hotel suites or other suitable hired premises.
As a member, you will be able to advertise your parties on our members-only events calendar. You will also be able to draw up your guest-lists by messaging and meeting up with selected members. With these resources at your disposal, you will discover that hosting your own parties is a great solution for any single male wanting to get into the adult party scene.

Apply one, two or all three solutions.

Although it might seem that everything is stacked against you as a single male, there are ways for you to regularly attend the very best adult parties.
The three solutions given here all work provided you are prepared to give them time.
You might want to try just one, two, or all three solutions.
For example, you could hook-up with someone to attend parties with but organise your own parties with her co-hosting them.
Alternatively, you could enjoy some private threesomes with a swinger couple and attend a party with them at which you meet single females to attend other parties with.
Finally, it is worth adding that as you regularly use your membership to apply these solutions you will gradually build up trust within the swinger community. There is often an informal network operating behind the best kind of adult parties so as you become more widely known and trusted, you are likely to start receiving invitations to them; even as a single male.