Greedy Girls parties weekday evenings & Swinger parties every weekend in central London

Fabulous adult party venue in a convenient central London location

This fabulous venue guarantees the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, relaxation and adult party fun. Professional, yet friendly, relaxed hosting is a key feature of the way the parties are run. Complete discretion and privacy is another.

Venue layout and facilities

The venue is spaced over two floors. There are four party rooms with seven beds, two baths with showers, and a reception and bar area.
Upon entry, you will find plenty of seating is available in the reception area. There is also a bar that is furnished to the highest standards. Here, you can safely leave any alcoholic drinks you care to bring or purchase non-alcoholic refreshments.
With four adult playrooms and seven beds, the venue offers just about everything needed for the best in greedy girls parties and swinger party fun.

Adult party days and fees

Use booking form below - places must be pre-booked with at least 3 days notice

Please Note:
This form is for single males use only. Click here if you are a couple or single female

Party Day Time Fee
Greedy girls parties Tuesdays 8pm-12pm £100
Greedy girls parties Thursdays 8pm-12pm £100
Swingers / Greedy Girl Fridays 8pm-12pm £100
Swingers / Greedy Girl Saturdays 8pm-12pm £100
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    Parties at this venue

    Greedy girls parties ratio:
    The greedy girls parties are intended for all those who enjoy an excess of single males. However, we always endeavour to maintain a comfortable ratio

    Swinger parties:
    Swinger parties take place on Friday and Saturday evenings. There are also special swinger party events to celebrate certain occasions such as Valentines and some public holidays.
    Single males are welcome at swinger parties and couples who do not enjoy attending mixed parties should be aware of this before booking.

    Attractive hostesses:
    All adult parties at this venue are attended by young and attractive females who act as party hostesses. These are women who are wildly passionate about having group sex with more than one male but it should be noted that they will not accept any form of payment for their sexual services and no offers are allowed under any circumstances

    is not allowed anywhere at this venue and smokers will have to go outside if they need a smoke

    Open door policy:
    Greedy girls parties are essentially for people who enjoy group sex activities. The venue therefore operates an open door policy throughout.

    Venue location

    Easy to get to location:
    The venue is conveniently situated in the middle of the popular area of Camden Town, noted for it's chic restaurants and clubs.
    It is close to tube station and bus stops.