What Happens at a Sex Party


Warm welcome leads to socializing then group sex

The description below is based on a real party at a venue in a private residence which allows single men to attend.

New to sex parties?

If you haven't been to one of our sex parties before, you'll probably wondering what to expect.
At the door you'll be greeted by one of the organisers who will book you in by ticking your name off the guest list. Then you'll be told where everything is and introduced to other guests.

You'll probably start by going to the kitchen where you'll be offered a drink and meet some of the ladies who have already arrived and are feeling eager to get started. Just relax awhile here and join in the light hearted conversation which always takes place in this room.

The girls don't wait long to help the guys out of their clothes

You might get a hard on when you one of the women starts to flirt with you, particularly if she is wearing very little and can't keep her hands to herself. Whilst it's unusual for things to go any further than this in the kitchen, don't be afraid to reciprocate there and then if you want to.

More likely, she'll take you out of the kitchen and into one of the playrooms. There may already be some other people in the room, or some may follow you. Either way, you'll know that some of the real fun is about to begin.

You might undress yourself or you might prefer some female assistance. The girls who attend this kind of sex party are so horny, they never wait very long before helping guys to get their clothes off and lose their inhibitions. Just let yourself go with flow. Relax and enjoy each moment of your journey to the ultimate pleasures of group sex.

Still standing, but now completely naked, you reach out to the woman who brought you in here. Your hands and fingers begin to gently caress and explore her gorgeous body from the front, whilst someone else is doing the same from behind her. She takes hold of your cock and massages it into full hardness.

Group sex sessions at an adult party

There is a bed nearby and she leads you to it and down onto it. Others join you. The number of participants of the group sex session taking place might reach five, six or even more.
The woman who brought you into the room is taking another guy's cock into her mouth but you are more than compensated as her gorgeous friend kneels over your face, offering her fleshy pussy lips for your tongue to begin work on.

At some point you decide you want to fuck somebody. You'll normally be expected to wear a condom but please let the woman put it on for you. They love doing that, using their mouth's to smooth it down your shaft.
Alternatively you might prefer to be brought to climax in someone's eager mouth or cum all over their face or body. Whatever way you decide to finish, you'll probably move away from the remaining group members afterwards, and enjoy just watching them for a while. Eventually you will decide to leave this room. Whether you bother to put any of your clothes back on is up to you.

The pattern is set for the rest of the party

After a short break for a drink and some nibbles in the kitchen, you decide to look for some more action. You go to different room this time and watching another group sex session makes you erect again and ready to join in.

That is basically the pattern for the rest of the sex party. How many times you cum, is of course, down to your individual stamina level. But one way or another you'll drift from room to room and alternate between fantastic group sex play, some one to one encounters, social chat and refreshments.

Is this the kind of adult party action you want?

The party described here is based on the sort that admit unaccompanied single men. Inevitably, there will be an excess of males attending this type of sex orgy. If your taste is for sex parties where the sexes are evenly balanced, please read, How single men can attend the best kind of adult parties.