Birmingham Private Adult Party Venue

Popular Greedy Girls Parties

This private party venue is located in central Birmingham, and holds regular Greedy Girls events and other sex parties
The premises consist of:

Nervous Newcomers
What to do to get started

There is no need to be nervous but it is quite natural if you do at first.
Everything happens quite naturally and in its own time. Just relax and chat with others as you would at any other social gathering. There is no need to be pushy or act as if you have something to prove. Try not to be 'clingy' or follow particular couples or females around.

Advice for couples

Usually couples make it quite clear whether or not they want others to join in. Some prefer to just be watched.
When you've found another couple engaging in sex and want to join in with them, just ask if it is okay. If they say no, don't be offended and just move on.

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Adult Party Times

On Saturday nights the Greedy Girls action start at 9.30pm and finish playing around 1.30am. Some parties are held on Saturday afternoons instead of evenings.
Couples and single females wishing to enjoy swinger party fun before the Greedy Girls action commences, can attend from 8pm.

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