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High standard of luxury at this adult parties venue in Birmingham

How to get along to adult parties in Birmingham

A lot of single guys ask how they can get to adult parties in Birmingham. The venue featured on this page has many adult parties which allow single males to attend but if you prefer to go with a partner, that is also okay. It is an easy venue to get to, being located less than two miles from J6 of the motorway and half a mile away from the A38(M).

High standard of luxury - superb playrooms - beautiful Jacuzzi

This venue provides a very high standard of comfort and luxury to facilitate the best in adult parties fun:

  • Purpose built playrooms
  • Elegant design and layout with large play-beds
  • Ambient low moodlighting
  • Erotic themes and mirrors
  • A beautiful Jacuzzi
  • Dark areas
  • A wicked grope room

Attractive girls hosting all adult parties

All the adult parties at this Birmingham venue are warmly hosted by a beautiful hostess.
These girls are stunningly attractive and self-confessed nymphomaniacs who are can't get enough of the adult parties scene.

Greedy Girls Orgies

This Birmingham adult parties venue specializes in providing Greedy Girls style, group-sex orgies. (For more details about the nature of greedy girls parties, please read our Greedy Girls Parties page.) There are usually six parties every week. This type of event have only a few females attending who entertain a larger number of male but some of the midweek parties held in this Birmingham venue may only have one girl attending. In this case the event is really a gang-bang
If this sort of adult sex party is not to your taste and you would rather attend adult parties where the ratio of males to females is more to your liking, there are other adult parties in Birmingham. Unlike the events featured on this page, you will need a partner to attend with but we can help you with that. Read How single men can attend adult parties for help on this subject.

Guaranteed totally confidential and discreet.

The venue guarantees a safe and very secure environment to enjoy adult parties in Birmingham.

It is Birmingham's perfect adult parties venue for single males who just want to experience the sexual thrill of real folks engaging in uninhibited sex with an opportunity to join in whenever they want or to just stay watching if that is prefered.

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Adult Party Times & Fees

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Afternoon and evenings
  • V.I.P. / Premium Members: £90
  • "Classic" members (i.e. free subscriptions): £100
  • Payment due in cash on attendance
  • Please use form in right hand column to request invitation and address etc.

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