Adult parties near to London in HP12

Greedygirls parties at a venue in the London region

Adult parties are held at a venue near to London in the HP12 postal code area. They are usually 'Greedygirls parties' that are held at monthly intervals. The guests are mainly singles but couples who enjoy this kind of party are always very welcome.

HP12 lies within the London region and can easily be reached by tube or train from central London stations. The journey from Marylebone station takes just 40 minutes. The M40 J4 is less than 5 minutes away from the venue and for guests travelling to the parties from outside of London, the M4 is accessible within 10-15 minutes via the A404(M)

The venue is a private house with good amenities. It is a detached property in a quiet and pleasant suburban neighbourhood. Parking is safe and free right outside the property.

A typical greedygirls party

A typical greedygirls party is attended by 12 to 15 guests. At least 25% of the guests are likely to be inexperienced, newcomers who may quite understandably feel nervous about attending their first adult party. However, the friendliness of the other guests soon overcomes any anxiety.

Our guests attend greedygirls parties because they are people who are strongly aroused by group sex. In keeping with their wishes, the parties at this venue provide open group sex throughout. The sexual activities take place in one large playroom - unless the weather is warm enough to also enjoy some open-air frolics in the secluded garden that adjoins it! When respite is needed, guests go to the kitchen where they can find a good selection of snacks, soft drinks and some pleasant socialising

Successful greedygirls parties

The success of greedygirls parties depend on controlling the ratio of males to females. At this venue we always endeavour to achieve a ratio that does not exceed three males to every female. Despite the claims of some London adult party venues who do not require advance booking by deposit, there is absolutely no way any adult party organiser can possibly control the male / female ratio without insisting on advance bookings secured by a reasonable deposit. Consequently, in order to receive an invitation to a party at this venue, you will need to book in advance (See 'Booking a place')

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Booking a place at the next adult party

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