Walsall Sex Parties

Sex Parties in the Midlands

Midlands sex parties venue chill out room

This midlands sex party venue is located in Walsall.

It comprises of:

  • Rooms for private adult sex party fun
  • Areas for group-sex action
  • A sauna
  • A comfortably furnished relaxation and chill-out room
  • Changing room with secure private lockers
  • An area for enjoying soft drinks and snacks which are available for purchase.
  • Three areas with porn movies screens

Friday Nights Sex Parties

Friday nights offers the ideal sex parties in the Midlands for single males.

  • Attractive hostesses await your attention and will fulfil all of your adult parties fantasies.
  • There is no other Midlands sex party venue that provides such good value for money.
  • The venue aims to ensure that the male to female ratio at any sex party never exceeds 5:1

Private sex parties

Private sex parties with evenly balanced ratios

Looking for sex parties in the Midlands with a more even male-female ratio?
Does the male to female ratio at the Walsall sex parties venue put you off?
If you are a single male who would prefer to attend private sex parties with a more evenly balanced male-female ratio, you will probably need a swinger couple to introduce you or a female partner to attend with.
Our casual sex dating services specialize in attracting the kind of single females who are keen to hookup with guys to attend sex parties. You will also find many swinger couples who are interested in meeting single males and "introducing" them to the sex party scene. There are many private sex parties taking place all of the time throughout the Midlands. Our V.I.P. members are able to gain access into these member-organised sex parties networks. Not only are these usually the best sort of party but many are free or only request a contribution to the hosting overheads!

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Parties are held on Friday nights.

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