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From casual hook-ups to sex parties

Enter Walsall's ever growing and lively swing scene, where a truly diverse spectrum of men and women of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic origins and cultures come together to enjoy twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and sex parties. This community welcomes newcomers with open arms, regardless of their level of experience with the adult scene.

Your quest to enjoy the really naughty kind of adult fun begins here. Take your first step now by using our unique adult search tools to find members of the local swinging community who share your desires. Connect with singles or couples for threesomes, foursomes, and to attend sex parties with. The choices are yours to take things as far as you want to take them.

Getting along to a Walsall sex party

You will find two types of sex parties in the Walsall area:

  1. Private parties that are organised and hosted by our members - usually in their own homes but sometimes in rented accommodation.
  2. Parties held in adult entertainment venues.

The privately organised parties that our members organise and host are typically swinger parties. They are exclusively for members only and apart from small contributions towards the costs, the parties are provided free of charge.

In most cases, equal numbers of males and females attend these private events and singles who do not have a regular swing-partner use our adult search platform to hook up with someone to accompany them and share the party experience with.

Luxurious private party venue

In Walsall itself, a popular private party venue for members over the last two years has been a six-bedroom, chalet bungalow, owned by a couple who have been active on the local swing-scene since they joined us in 2014. The property is situated in the Park Hall area and is in a wonderfully secluded large plot of land. Its excellent facilities include:

  • 6 seater Jacuzzi
  • Beautiful, 45 sq metre lounge
  • Sitting room
  • Dining room
  • Spacious luxury kitchen
  • Huge, en-suite master bedroom
  • Plus four other open bedrooms (the sixth bedroom is unavailable for party use).

Other private venues

Outside of Walsall but in close-by areas of the West Midlands, other regular, private party venues flourish. Some examples are:

  • A four bedroom home in Sutton Coldfield, providing parties for around twelve people every month.
  • A lovely farmhouse in Lichfield with room for over twenty guests.
  • A five-bedroom residence in a rural location near Wolverhampton. Had only two parties last year but is planning to have more in future.

Adult entertainment venues

Adult entertainment venues put on parties that are mainly attended by single men and couples who are not deterred by a high male to female ratio. Any single women in attendance are likely to be paid hostesses and the for-profit-driven, entrance fees often reflect this fact.

Typical features:

Prefer a more evenly balanced male-female ratio?

Private sex parties with evenly balanced ratios

For those who find the male to female ratio of adult entertainment venue parties off-putting, private sex parties are definitely a much better option.

As long as they are members, couples are always welcome at these kinds of parties but single males will often need to find a female partner to accompany them.

Thanks to the fact that we have specialised in building a local membership base over the course of many years, attracting the kind of single females who are eager to attend sex parties, finding party partners is something our system is uniquely geared up to do.

Some private parties are happy to include single men who attend as part of a threesome. In these cases, hooking up with a party-going couple can be an alternative way for single men to get invited.

Over 20 years providing adult party fun

At the Adultpartyplace we’ve been helping broadminded individuals and swinger couples get together for sex parties and other polyamorous play for over twenty years.

We prioritise discretion and safety above all else and our community of adult fun lovers in the Walsall area respect those ideals when they welcome new members to join them for twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.

Because we take every member’s need for privacy very seriously we do not use social media logins anywhere on our platform, so absolutely nothing can be linked to you. So if you are ready to let us turn your fantasies into reality, sign up for free today