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A very large and well equipped adult parties venue

Swinger, Greedy Girl, and Fetish Adult Parties in Sheffield

Adult parties for singles as well as swinger couples

This amazingly well equipped and very large adult parties venue in Sheffield offers sex parties for singles, swinger couples and lovers of the fetish scene.

Adult Parties Features Include:

  • Reception and licensed bar area.
    This comfortable and relaxing area is ideal for checking in, chilling out and relaxing over a glass of your favourite tipple, served at prices that are no more expensive than at the majority of local pubs.
  • Sheffield Swingers Lounge
    This is the perfect place for meeting new people and spending some time socializing before the more physical stuff begins. Ideal for swingers and singles who want to take things one step at a time
  • Adult Parties Dance floor
    Here the resident DJ plays music to suit all tastes whilst the guests enjoy dances, ranging from totally uninhibited smooches to sexy, up tempo swinging in every sense of the word.
    But the dance floor isn't just about dancing guests. At times the resident party girls take the stage and treat the audience to erotic acts ranging from pole dances to live sex on stage.
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  • Sheffield Swingers Sauna Cabin
    For Sheffield swingers (and singles) who like it hot, the venue offers a three tier, dry-heat, sauna cabin
  • Steam Room
    As if the dry heat of the sauna cabin isn't enough, there is also a huge steam room for guests who like things to get really steamy before they get down to other activities!
  • The Adult Parties Pool
    This 160 sq feet pool is the most popular place in the Sheffield venue. The water is always kept to a pleasant few degrees above body heat and guests have been known to spend most of the evening socializing and frolicking in the warm water
  • Sheffield fetish parties dungeon
    For guests who enjoy the fetish parties scene, there is no better equipped dungeon in the country But even for those who have no taste for sub-dom games, curiosity drives them down to view the many instruments of restraint, pain and pleasure that are available for those who wish to use them.
  • Adult Parties Upstairs Lounge
    The upstairs adult parties lounge is furnished with comfortable sofas for guests to snuggle up and start the foreplay which will inevitably lead them on to one of the nearby playrooms
  • The Arabian Nights Adult Parties Playroom
    Located at the top of the aptly named, "Stairway to Heaven", this playroom is beautifully decorated with wall and ceiling drapes to capture the atmosphere of an Arabian harem.
  • The Kama Sutra Playroom
    Probably the most erotic of all the playrooms, the Kama Sutra has been exquisitely designed and decorated with murals featuring scenes from the famous Hindu lovemaking manual
  • The Sheffield Swingers Mirror Room
    This is the playroom to head for if you are turned on by seeing a group sex scene of almost infinite size. Get three swinger couples fucking on one bed in here and the illusion of there being three hundred is created by the mirrored walls that surround them. You'll just love watching you, watching them, watching you for ad infinitum!
  • The Manhattan Adult Parties Room
    Another popular playroom. This one decorated to create the Manhattan skyline effect with skyscrapers ascending to a starlit sky and stars that really twinkle on the ceiling above the mass of heaving - and often heavenly - bodies below!
  • The Swingers Boudoir
    The boudoir is for lovers of old fashioned luxury and tactile play. It is furnished with a comfortable bed, covered in cushions. The room is always popular with couples entertaining the extra one or two single guys on Friday Nights (singles night - see opposite).
  • Other features of the Sheffield adult parties venue
    In addition to all of the above, the venue has excellent changing rooms, shower rooms and even a private room for those who want to enjoy some intimate time on their own.
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