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From casual twosomes to sophisticated sex parties

Welcome to York's vibrant adult party community. They are a fantastic mix of different ages, ethnicities, and social vibes but they share a welcoming attitude towards new members, regardless of your level of experience or what you want to get out of the adult scene.

From casual twosome encounters to sophisticated sex parties, we'll help you to make your quest for really adventurous adult fun in the York area a truly fulfilling one. Your starting point will be to utilize our online casual dating search tools to spot potential matches with other local members who have similar desires to your own. Set up chats with them and see if you vibe together before you meet and hook-up for some one-on-one experiences. If that's as far as you want to take it, that's absolutely fine; many of our members join us just to enjoy no-strings, casual sex dating, relationships.

Threesome Liaisons for York singles

On the other hand, having enjoyed some one-on-one sex, your next step might be to find another single to join you and your new playmate for a threesome liaison. Use the online search tools and make contact with some potential candidates, chat online to establish which ones are up for the idea, then arrange a meeting for the three of you in a neutral and safe setting such as one of York's many excellent pubs, clubs or restaurants. If this goes well, you might decide to arrange the threesome fun to take place at yours or one of the other participant's homes. Alternatively, you might prefer to discretely book a room at one of York's many good hotels. Either way, you can look forward to a night - or even a daytime - encounter of uninhibited, adult fun.

Foursome experiences and couple fun

Instead of finding a third single to hook up with, you and your new playmate might prefer to go for some foursomes. There are plenty of couples in the York area who enjoy foursome experiences for you to make contact with. Follow the same procedure of online chat, initial meeting at a public rendezvous, and at someone's home or a discrete hotel room for the foursome fun itself.

So what if you are not a single but already have a partner who shares your desire to enjoy some polyamorous sex? Well the answer is very simple; you can join us a couple and use exactly the same online search facilities to find other, similarly minded couples for foursomes, and also to find singles who are interested in encounters with couples for threesome sex. Everything else follows the same way as outlined above for single members.

Adult Parties

The third step for those who so desire, is to get along to some fully blown, adult parties. If you are a single who has followed the first steps for hooking up with one or more playmates but haven't done so already, you will need to propose the idea of going to a sex party together. The same goes for existing couples - please don't try to coerce or drag your partner along to an adult party, you won't get anything out of going along to a party with an unwilling partner and you won't get any further invitations from the other couples who are there.
Assuming your partner is as enthusiastic about sex party participation as you are, all that's left for you to do is to announce your joint interest to receive sex-party invitations in your profile and to search for, then message, any members who might be hosting parties. If all goes well, you’ll find the local sex party network gradually opens up for you to start receiving invitations. One further option, if you have suitable premises, is to host your own party. If you do, we'll give you our full support and let you advertise it for free on our events board to other members.
In York, the best parties have usually been the ones held in private residences, located in the more affluent areas where homes that have in excess of three bedrooms, larger that average lounges and kitchens, and seclusion from inquisitive neighbours can be found. Fulford and Woodthorpe are two examples of neighbourhoods where some very popular gatherings have taken place. The size of parties held in house parties like these can vary from around ten to thirty people. They are almost always exclusive to couples and single females.

For single men who prefer going to adult parties without a female partner, the alternatives are Greedy Girls Parties. These are commercially run events which charge an entrance fee and can be quite expensive at some venues. The nearest of this type of party venue to York is a popular and well run club in the Armley area of Leeds.

Some local experiences

Single Female:
As a single female, I felt slightly vulnerable in joining a platform which is mainly about group sex and parties. My main reason for joining was being bi-curious but with a strong exhibitionist streak which made the idea of adult parties very appealing too. What I was worried about was going along to one where I was made to feel obliged to join in. But I had no need to fear. Everyone I've met since I joined is totally respectful and lets everybody do their own thing without pressure. I've found plenty of other bi-girls like me, I've been to parties had sex at some and not at others. It's great - I do exactly as I choose and when I choose to do it.

Single Male:
When I joined the Adult Party Place, I was looking for women who wanted to enjoy a bit of adult fun and perhaps share some foursome sex with couples or even go to swinger parties with me. Early on I connected with two and had some great sex with both of them but only one of them was interested in doing group sex. The other one and I found some couples and had our first ever foursome. Later on we got round to going to some parties together and had some really wild experiences. I've met several other playmates since then and done just about everything I've ever wanted to.

We are a married couple from York who joined to find other couples who we could have same room sex with but without partner swapping. We have been pleasantly surprised by just how widespread this desire is amongst other married couples in our age-group. Over the past twelve months since joining, we have enjoyed the experience on multiple occasions with four different couples.

Some members

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With more members than ever before joining us every day, now is a great time to join York's active and welcoming community of adult fun lovers. Whether you are a single female, single male or a couple, we make connecting with other like-minded playmates for twosomes, threesomes, foursomes or adult party fun as easy as it gets.

The AdultPartyPlace started out two decades ago to promote adult parties and all other forms of consensual, polyamorous sex, including one-on-one casual sex dating, both types of threesomes, and couple-on-couple foursomes. We are dedicated to bringing like-minded, adults together and providing a safe and discreet playground for them. We’ve built our communities on the values of mutual respect and open communication. Every profile undergoes a thorough verification process to ensure that only genuine members who seek consensual, non-coercive relationships are accepted. Above all else, we take your need for privacy very seriously and do not use social media logins anywhere on our platform. Our experienced, customer support teams are available at all times to help and advise you in your quest for the very best in adult fun.

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