Sex Parties in the City

Finding FREE sex parties

Central London is the home to several sex party venues. Some of them will happily allow single men to attend whilst others cater mainly for swinger couples. The venues are run as profit-making businesses and therefore charge entrance fees. These can be quite substantial, especially for parties which allow single men to attend. In addition to the entrance fee, venues may also charge a membership fee, justifying their doing so on the dubious grounds of membership being a legal requirement, and some of the venues which welcome single men are actually little more than brothels, offering group sex. Venues that exclude single, unaccompanied males and cater mainly for couples are usually more likely to hold genuine sex parties and generally appeal to more upmarket and sophisticated tastes. Some examples of fee charging sex party venues in central London are provided below.

But there are also non-profit-making sex parties in central London. These free sex parties are organised and hosted by members of our adult fun community, and they do not charge entrance fees to attend. Some are held in members’ homes; in which case you might be asked to make a small contribution towards the cost of party food and drinks. Others are held in rented premises, such as short-stay serviced apartments or hotel rooms. Where this is the case, the organising members will normally ask everyone to share the hire cost as well as the food and drink. Some examples of our member hosted free sex parties are provided below. Naturally, members of our community who organise this kind of private sex party do so exclusively on a members only basis.

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London sex parties in a conveniently situated venue

This, fee-charging, sex parties venue is located just one minute away from the nearest underground station. Buses also stop nearby and it is within a few minutes travel of major shopping, entertainment and tourist attractions

All parties welcome single males. Genuine swinger couples and single females who enjoy 'greedy girl' parties are also welcomed, although the venue seems to rely mainly on women who are obviously being paid for their services! This is reflected in the £190 entrance fee.

Sex parties where men don't outnumber women

Whilst some guys enjoy the kind of sex party held in fee charging venues, most of our members prefer parties where men don't outnumber women. Joining our London community of adult fun seekers, offers many opportunities to enjoy this better kind of party by helping men without active partners to hook up with group-sex-loving females and couples. Many organise their own parties; some in their own homes, some by renting out city apartments to use as venues, or booking hotel suites or rooms. If you like, you can do the same and we support our V.I.P. members in organizing and promoting their own events.

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Examples of member hosted free London sex parties

1. Sex Parties in opulent Mayfair

Probably the most luxurious setting for a London sex party is the one provided by members who regularly rent a penthouse suite in Mayfair. Four double bedrooms, each with ample room for extended group play, are in constant use from shortly after arrival until the early hours of the following day. The organisers are long-serving V.I.P. members who recruit their guest-lists carefully and ensure compatibility and harmony is achieved at all parties.

EC1 private residence

A swinging couple who have been members of our London community for many years, often hold full-on sex parties at their luxurious EC1V residence. Old Street tube station is only a short walk away. The venue has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, making it an ideal adult party home for couples and singles alike. Parties take place frequently throughout the year but sometimes a month or so can go by when the couple are away at their country residence which is also used as an occasional party venue. Invitations to V.I.P. members are issued on a selective basis.

Discrete adult sex parties for city gents

The venue is a luxury apartment situated in Notting Hill. It is frequently hired out by experienced members who know how to host parties that ensure a relaxed atmosphere at all times. Friday afternoon parties are ideal for city gentlemen and other single males to attend in complete discretion and security. Saturday evenings parties are more popular for swinging.

London sex party testimonial

Hi my name is Samara. I am a regular at sex parties in central London.
My favourite parties are the ones held in private residences and serviced apartments. They always seem more relaxed and really swing. I like to find different guys to go with, especially the ones who are total sex party virgins! Sometimes, I go with couples and start a threesome going so the newbies can watch a bit of action before joining in.

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