Adult dating that prevents fake profiles

The gentag verifies that an adult contact is genuine

Internet adult dating sites invariably attract sad people who believe they can infiltrate genuine adult communities in an attempt to get on the swinger scene. The Adult Party Place has a system that prevents these kind of people from doing wasting the time of genuine members.
The system involves awarding a tag to the profile of every member who is able to prove themselves to be genuinely representing themselves. But how can you possibly prove that your profile is genuine?

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Proving an adult contact profile is genuine

Actually its an amazingly simple idea. Genuine adult contacts very quickly make contact with other existing genuine contacts - often within a few days of joining the Adult Party Place adult dating site. As soon as they have made contact, the other member is in a position to verify the profile as being a genuine one.
As soon as someone meets with a new member, whether they are a swinger couple, single, group or any of the other categories, the established member is asked to click a link at the top of the member's profile. This link is labeled 'Make this Member Genuine'. Once clicked the gentag is applied to the profile so every other member will know that this person, actually turned up for the date or party and was as their profile presents them.

What kind of things do we mean by 'Genuine'?

Well we've mentioned two of them already; turning up for a rendezvous and being as described in their profile.
Here are some others:

The adult dating gentag system works

But it is not intended to be precise or dogmatic. Everyone is entitled to tell a few white lies to help their case.
Its the blatant cheats that the system is out to get, and it does really manage to succeed in weeding them out.

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