Members online are the hottest adult contacts of all

The Who's Online feature.

People who are actually online when you are, form the hottest source of adult contacts for you.
That is why we have created 'The Who's Online' feature.
It is a comprehensive list of everyone who is currently online at the same time as you are.

Research has shown that this makes you three times more likely to get a response if you send a message to someone while they are online.
Who's Online also allows you to filter results by gender and location, or to use it to set up immediate meetings.

Members of our adult community recently online:

Adult contacts respond more frequently when they are online

If someone is online, it means that they are either logged on to check their mail, to visit a chat room, go on a forum or to search for adult contacts in some way or another
It stands to reason therefore that such a person is in exactly the right frame of mind to respond to you if you are also logged into the adult dating site and make your interest in them known.

The username, location and media items of each member that is online is displayed on the screen so it is easy to identify who is who and to click their profile for more detailed information. The facility also lets you filter your search so that only specific adult contacts are shown on the screen

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Our V.I.P. members get to attend many adult parties but whilst some events allow unaccompanied single males to attend, others are for swinger couples only. We are the only adult comminity that specialises in finding single males partners to attend this kind of party with.

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