Adult dating profiles - preferences

State your preferences

When you set up your profile, you are asked to state your preferences. This is how the system knows what types of adult contacts you are most interested in finding. (E.g. Swinger couples, single females, groups etc.)

The preferences are displayed on every member's profile, so when you view an adult dating members profile, you will see the preferences they have opted for and the kind of adult contacts they are hoping to meet. Your profile will obviously do the same, so other members know immediately what your preferences are.

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Additional mail preferences setting

In addition to the basic preferences, the system also allow you to set mail preferences. This enables you to specify the members you receive mail from. The options are:

Mail that matches your preferences comes straight to your primary mail box. If you are sent mail from members who do not meet the criteria, their mail is sent to a second mail box. This is known as the 'non matches box'

Some of the mail preferences are set automatically when you create your profile. For example, if you had ticked the 'looking for swinger couples' box when creating your profile, mail from any members who are not swinger couples will automatically go into your 'non matches' box. However, just because that is how you felt when you created your profile, doesn't mean you are always going to feel the same way. One of the great things about the Adult Party Place adult dating system is its flexibility and the fact that it recognises that people's preferences can be as changeable as their moods. Therefore, it allows you to set the mail preferences differently to your profile preferences and to change either as many times as you like.

Whatever categories of adult contacts you are looking for will automatically show at the foot of your profile text. This begins with the words; "I'm / We're looking to hear from" This is followed by the list of member categories you have set. (E.g. Swinger groups, swinger couples, bi-females, single males etc.)

Everyone in the adult community deserves a reply

Just because someone who doesn't meet your preferences criteria has sent you a message that has gone into your 'non matches box' doesn't give you a right to ignore the message. We do expect you to reply but if you are not interested and only want to send the member a 'courtesy' reply, we have provided a quick 'no thanks' reply. This is sent at the click of button to any adult contact who you consider to be not someone you wish to meet.

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