How to find horny partners to attend Cardiff's best Sex Parties with


Cardiff members enjoy sex parties

Over the last two decades, our membership in the Cardiff area has grown into a huge and unique database of broadminded singles and couples who share a common interest in enjoying as much adventurous group sex as possible. Thanks to our specialist adult dating and party platform, many of our members in Cardiff now enjoy sex parties, frequently held in upmarket private houses like the residence in Lisvane and the one in Radyr.

Sex Parties in Public Places

sex party in the castle grounds Others like to meet in smaller groups. Some, even enjoying small sex parties in public places like the one that was reported to a national newspaper in 2018. Referred to in one headline as a “Vile foursome orgy”, the whistle blower was supposedly a shocked member of the public who stumbled across the party in the grounds of Cardiff Castle and took several photos of the action for a very grateful journalist. The photos were published in the usual press fashion with the naughty bits all blurred out.

Lisvane House Parties

Nestled in the beautiful neighbourhood of Lisvane, is a lovely detached house that sets the perfect stage for our members to enjoy some truly unforgettable sex parties.

One of the standout features of this venue is its ample parking facilities, ensuring that your arrival is hassle-free and convenient. As you step into the house, you'll immediately feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere enveloping you, setting the tone for a night of pure hedonism.

The house boasts spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, providing ample space for socializing, exploring desires, and enjoying threesomes, foursomes or moresomes. Our members can always count on finding like-minded individuals with whom to share their passions and fantasies.

No adult party is complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks, and the Lisvane venue doesn't disappoint. In the gorgeous, modern kitchen, there is always a good selection of party treats, ranging from delectable finger foods to a good range of soft drinks. (Guests bring their own alcohol.)

N.B. Access to this and other member-hosted house parties is granted to VIP members by invitation only. Single males will usually need to have a partner in order to attend sex parties of this type but don't worry guys because our unique, sex partner dating platform will help you hook up with adventurous women who love attending sex parties in and around Cardiff.

Radyr's Popular Sex Party Venue

Another popular sex party venue is a four-bedroom house in Radyr, owned by longstanding couple members, Matt and Emily. The house is a detached executive residence that exudes elegance and charm. Members attending parties there for the first time often say they are taken aback by the world of luxury that greets them.

The heart of this fabulous venue is the stunning kitchen - dining area. Gathering in this area at the earlier stages of an adult party for flirtatious socializing is what makes the swinging sex which follows later so much more successful than is often the case at some less desirable venues.

Beyond the kitchen, the ground floor unfolds to reveal a beautifully furnished, chill-out lounge with a 75 inch TV screen that is used for showing adult entertainment in UHD .

When they are ready for more than just flirting and socializing, guests ascend the stairs to the first floor, where they discover a symphony of erotic space in four generously proportioned double bedrooms awaiting them. Two of the bedrooms are thoughtfully designed and furnished as erotically themed adult playrooms. The other two provide comfort in the more conventional luxury bedroom sense, but are nonetheless very popular locations for threesome and foursome action.

As with other private house parties in the Cardiff area, nibbles and soft drinks are provided by the hosts, although guests are expected to bring their own alcohol.

Like the venue in Lisvane, most sex parties require males to be accompanied by participating females, with the exception of “Threesome Nights” when males may attend with couples as part of a MMF threesome. As stated above, the commonly imposed restrictions on single males poses no real problem to our single male members in Cardiff because our unique, swinger partner dating platform provides plenty of opportunities for men to find women to accompany them to swinger parties.

Cardiff’s so-called swingers club

For a few months in late 2018 and early 2019, Cardiff had a so-called swingers club based in some rather grotty looking premises in West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay. It housed five playrooms, a lounge, BDSM facilities with further plans for a full-scale dungeon, and showers. As well as the club’s own events, the premises were available for hire to anyone who wanted to host their own sex parties. A few of our members took advantage of this to hold three or four parties during the period of the club’s existence. The first one was reported as being very successful with a high turnout and plenty of activity throughout the evening. Attendances declined at the later events and on the final occasion, members complained about the standard of cleanliness and general downbeat atmosphere of the premises.

Clubs such as this one do usually cater for single men, allowing them to attend without a partner. This results in sex parties taking place with very unattractive male to female ratios – sometimes in well excess of five men to each woman! It is also not uncommon for this type of club to employ prostitutes.

This is not the kind of sex party our members in Cardiff want, and that is why we have made it our mission to support single men in overcoming the challenges associated with attending the exclusive and far more enjoyable kind of adult parties that are dominated by genuine couples and single females.