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Winning Conversational Tips

Here are four great tips to help the average guy enjoy successful outcomes from casual sex dates with women. Although the article is particularly relevant to men who find shyness and social anxiety their biggest obstacles, there is plenty of material here that will be useful to practically any male who is looking to hook up and score regularly with women.

1. Hitting it off from the start

If you are shy you probably find it hard to understand how other guys are able to hit it off with women almost as soon as they meet them. What you might not have noticed is that when these sort of guys are talking to women they converse in the same relaxed way that you do when you are talking to a lifelong friend.

Shy guys converse with women in the reserved manner that they use for talking to strangers. But this only creates an atmosphere of awkwardness and a woman on the receiving end is likely to feel her own self confidence taking a dip and her interest in the date progressing will start to wane. Her body language will reveal the negativity she is experiencing and this in turn will feed back to you, creating a vicious circle that you cannot break out of.

2. Controlling the initial conversation

A lot of men get incredibly anxious about the conversation drying up and can even get freaked out by relatively short pauses. This isn't just a dating thing; conversations between strangers ALWAYS need time to warm up. It isn't unusual for conversations at first meetings between people to stay quite cold and fragmented for even as long as the first fifteen minutes or more.

Even on a casual-sex date, people warm to one another slowly as the conversation gains momentum. But momentum cannot build if it is not allowed to. Men who worry about not getting a warm flowing conversation right from the outset attribute the conversation’s coolness to the things they are saying. This makes them respond by pausing or running out of words.
Exactly the opposite response is needed. Keep talking and the conversation keeps flowing. The effect of this is that your date is given the time she needs to warm up.

3. Don’t Interview Her

It is all too easy to turn what should be a fun chat up conversation into a series of questions that would befit an employer interviewing a job candidate. Typical examples of first date questions are:
What sort of music do you like?
What job do you do?
What are your main interests?
Where do like going for your holidays?

Firing a steady stream of questions totally ruins the chances of a warm to-ing and fro-ing of flirtatious banter ever getting under-way.

4. No point trying to act cool

Appearing cool, feels so important to most men that they try to act cool; even when they are not cool by nature. As a result, they freeze up and get the really important things all wrong. The women you will meet-up-with for sex-dates are not out looking for coolness, they are out looking for fun and for sex.
The most important thing of all is to just be yourself. For most of us this is nearly the opposite of being cool. So on you next date, relax, be yourself and look for some humour in everything.

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Putting it into practice

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