Bareback Parties and Gangbangs

Bareback parties with gorgeous girls

group sex in open play rooms

Bareback is entirely optional

The bareback parties are arranged for men who want to enjoy gangbangs and greedy girl parties 'au naturel' but it is NOT a requirement. We always recommend protected sex and wish to point out that the organiser of the bareback parties described here is a private individual acting entirely on his own right. We fully recognise that many men are rightly insistent on having protected sex only.
If this is how you feel, there is no need to be put off of attending a bareback party or gang bang.
At every party there are always those who prefer to enjoy activities the safer and more conventional way, using condoms throughout. The decision is a personal one and everyone's wishes are always totally respected and accepted.

Gangbangs and Group Sex in Open Play Rooms

Open Door Policy

All of the rooms used for bareback parties and gangbangs operate on an 'Open Door' policy. We believe this to be in keeping with the nature of such parties and it conforms with the wishes of the vast majority of guys who attend.

If you prefer a more private situation, you should consider some of our other types of adult parties, listed elsewhere on this web-site.

Times, Dates, Fees

Parties usually start at 7pm and go on until eleven
Parties are usually held on Fridays but not at regular intervals. Please use the request form to check for next available date
Bareback Parties Fees:
Single males £140

Please note: that some of the bareback-gangbang events may be held in various venues other than the one described above.

Always more fun with a partner

Adult parties are always more fun when you have a sexy, liberated partner to take along. It also means that you will no longer be restricted to gang-bang or other sex parties where males out-number females.

We are the only adult dating service that specializes in helping males to find local adult contacts who want to be sex party partners.