Gangbangs and other adult parties in and around Tonbridge, Kent

Thursday nights at a private house in Tonbridge

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Gangbang parties attended by single males

These gangbang parties at a private house in Tonbridge were until recently, running nearly every week. Single males who enjoyed gangbangs attended and reported favourably on the venue's friendly atmosphere. But those who wanted more evenly balanced group sex rarely found the events or the hefty fee to attend them, to their taste.

The house was actually owned by a housing association and the tenant who organised and hosted the parties has now stopped doing so.

Post Gangbang Tonbridge

Although there will be no more Thursday evening gangbangs in Tonbridge, there are other adult parties in the area. There always have been. The difference is that they are non run for profit and don't advertise themselves. They are organised and hosted by genuine sex party lovers and are much more likely to feature foursome sex than gangbangs. Typically, they are attended by small groups - usually no more than a dozen people in all. They tend to be dominated by couples with an excess of single females being actively encouraged.

Is this bad news for single males?

Although this may sound like bad news for guys who don't have active partners to attend sex parties with, it is actually really good news. All around the Tonbridge area and throughout Kent our membership includes hundreds of couples and single women who are wild about the adult party scene and who love introducing new single men to it.

They just can't get enough

Our female members just can't get enough of sizzling sex parties and our couple members are always out to extend their threesome experiences. What's even more encouraging is the fact that the organisers of these private adult parties are themselves members. So the network of party organisers, party goers and casual sex dating is neatly and expansively knitted together within our huge adult fun site.

Gaining access to members-only parties

As well as getting access to 'members-only' parties, our V.I.P. members can enjoy all the latest online adult parties chat, discover when and where new parties take place and use our enormous sex dating network to find sexy partners to attend adult parties with.

Most of the sex parties our members go to are very different from the gangbang / greedygirl type which used to be held at the Tonbridge venue featured above.
For a start, members don't charge exorbitant fees like those quoted above. Instead they are mainly free except for shared contributions to things like party food.

The second important difference is that they are generally attended by an equal balance of males to females. This makes them far more enjoyable. So to ensure men who haven't got an active party-going partner can attend, our casual sex dating membership site, provides an easy and reliable way for single men meet up with the kind of women who enjoy group sex. Isn't it time you started partying and finding hot sex dating partners?