The adult dating friends network

Friends are adult contacts with similar interests

Friends is an adult dating networking feature that enable you to make more adult contacts online who share similar interests.
How it works:
When you find an adult contact profile you like, you will find five tabs at the top of their profile. The first of these is "Send Mail" - which is the tab to click if you just wanted to send a normal message.
The next tab is labeled "Send Flirt" - Find out more
This is followed by the one we are explaining here. It is labeled"Friend"
The remaining tabs are; Send Video Mail and Report Profile
When you click the Friends tab, as screen appears that is headed:
Ask this person if they would like to be part of your friendship network
Followed by:
Send this Profile to a friend of yours:
Send this profile to a friend. You can send this profile to up to five people of your choice by writing their email address in each of the boxes below.

Meet some adult contacts in your area:

The benefits of the friends network

The major benefit is that members of a friends network can vouch for each other.
Because you trust one person in a network, it is more likely that other adult contacts who have similar interests are genuine.
A further benefit is that it links you with contacts you may not normally have found from your adult dating site searches.
The third benefit is that by sending out an invite to a new member and they sign up you will not only be able to see their friends, but also the friends of every member on the site, you can browse the entire friends network.

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