Adult dating by sending a flirt line

The adult dating flirt facility could save you hours

If you are never quite sure what to write or tend to spend hours trying to compose compelling messages that still don't convey what you wanted; the adult dating flirt option may be just what you need.

The six adult contact profile tabs

There are five tabs at the top of every adult contacts profile. The first of these is "Send Mail" - which is the tab to click if you just wanted to send a normal message.
The next tab is labeled "Send Flirt". This is the one you want to click to use the flirt facility we are discussing here.
The remaining tabs are; "Friends" and "Report Profile". Each of these are discussed in detail on their respective pages.

Nine flirt lines

When you click the "Send Flirt" tab a form with nine options is presented. You can use anyone of them as your flirt line.

Simply tick the flirt line you like best and click on the send button that appears at the bottom of the list.
Hey presto! Your flirt line is automatically sent to the adult contact whose profile you have been viewing. That's all there is to flirting but you'll be surprised at the great level of response it brings.

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