Using mail messages for our adult community

Sending messages to other members

The online adult dating system for sending mail is very straight forward yet highly sophisticated. Here is an example:
Imagine that you are a swinger who has just joined the adult dating site. You make use of the basic search facility to look for other swinger contacts in your area. You find a couple or a single you like the sound of and click on their profile to read more. The juicy details confirm that this is the sort of adult contact you are looking for.
Above the profile you will find five tabs, each one is link to a specific type of message sending format. These are discussed elsehere and are Send Flirt
Friends and Report Profile

Select the first tab which is labeled "Send Mail". The send mail form opens and all you need now is type in your message and click the send button.

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Free messaging

Messaging between members is completely FREE but premium members can choose who they receive mail from. If you opt for free basic membership you will therefore find some premium members unwilling to accept your mail. However, the upgrade to premium membership costs less than any other similar site on the web and unlike many others, The Adult Party Place has no restrictions on the amount of mail that you can send or receive.

Receiving messages from other members

Whenever you receive a message via the adult party place online adult dating site, an envelope symbol on the right hand side of your login page flashes in red, alerting you to the fact that you have unanswered mail waiting. To read the mail, just click the envelope and your personal mail box opens up.

Two mail boxes

Not only is mail free, but you are given two mail boxes. This is so you can set up filters that allow only mail from adult contacts who match whatever criteria you stipulate to reach your main box. The remaining mail will be filtered in to your second box. For example if you only want mail from swinger couples you can set the filter accordingly. Alternatively, you might want to allow females who enjoy threesomes from all areas of the country but restrict all other single adult contacts to your local area only.

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