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How it works - features

When you first join The Adult Party Place, adult dating site, you might find that the way around its many hi-tech features is not all that obvious. Just like any sophisticated tool, they requires a bit of practice and understanding before you can get the best out of them. The object of this page is to provide you with an overall description of what the features are with links to pages containing detailed information and examples of each feature.

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  1. Chat rooms - Chat is a one-to-many method of talking with others in real time. Everything happens in real time just like being in a real meeting room with people coming and going all the while.
  2. Video Chat - Enhanced chat rooms for members with web cams. Enables you to chat with others in the room, whilst seeing them via live video streams.
  3. Forums - Places where topics are raised and debated. There are eight superb forums each with its own subject area to choose from
  4. Friends network - A really novell idea to create and utilise a network of adult dating friends
  5. Genuine Adult Contact Tags - This a unique method of preventing fake profiles and misuse of the adult dating system. Tags are awarded to the members who you know to be genuine
  6. Hot Adult Contacts - You vote who you think are the hottest swingers, the hottest singles, the hottest groups, the hottest TVs etc. You see how other members have rated their hot contacts.
  7. Sending mail - The basic feature of adult dating explained in detail.
  8. Who's online - People who are online at the same time as you, are the hottest adult contacts. That is why 'The Who's Online' feature was created. Use this powerful feature properly and you could easily treble the number of people you'll meet up with over a short period of time.
  9. Photo, Video and sound clips - There is no limit to the number of adult contacts photo's, video clips or sound clips you can upload. Make the most of this exciting feature by becoming a premium member.
  10. Preferences - These are the criteria you set to tell the system what sort of people or groups you want to meet up with. There are numerous settings and you can change them as often as you like.
  11. Reporting a profile - Sorry if this one sounds a bit negative and we hope you never have to use it. Its a sophisticated feature for reporting anyone you think is abusing the system. We don't get many but because of this feature, our genuine profile tags and our rigorous monitoring, the cheats and misusers never bother us for long.
  12. Searching features - This page explains in detail how the sophisticated search options make it easy for you to find the adult contacts you are seeking.
  13. Flirting - We love this one and so will you. They same the simplest ideas are often the best. That certainly goes for flirting - a great way to send short powerful messages without having to dream up the right words and phrases.

The Adult Party Scene

The Adult Party Place is the only genuine adult community that puts an emphasis on encouraging its members to attend and organise adult parties.
This is because we believe that parties provide truly liberated, recreational sex and at the same time offer the perfect way of meeting like-minded people. Our select party circles are made up of V.I.P. members, so remember to upgrade to V.I.P. status if you want to get the most out of the adult party scene.

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