A new kind of casual dating experience

Sue’s casual dating experience for parties plan

Do you want to attend sex parties that really swing but feel a bit nervous about the prospect of walking into a venue full of complete strangers? Would you feel more confident if you already knew a few of the other people attending?

One of our members has come up with an idea of organising adult parties by linking them with casual dating experiences. Her name is Sue and she believes that her idea will not only go a long way in overcoming the nervousness of attending parties alone, but will also increase the potential for a party’s success; both in terms of social and sexual fun.

Sue only joined us a couple of months ago but she is certainly no newcomer to either the sex party scene or to casual dating. Her experience of both, go back a long time. In fact, she openly admits to having a chronic sex addiction and to being an unrepentant, nymphomaniac.

What she is doing is something quite unique within online adult dating communities. She is organizing sex parties with guest-lists drawn up entirely of people who have already met one another through casual dating experiences. It doesn’t matter how many dates the participants have actually had. Some might have just had the one hook-up with one other person from the list, whilst others might have had longer term casual dating experiences with several. The important thing is that every participant will have met, discussed and agreed their interest in sex parties, with at least one of the other guests on at least one occasion prior to attending a party.

Where will the sex parties take place?

Sue wants to ensure that the first parties are organised in the area where there is the most demand.

Using our online casual dating site, she has already received strong interest from three major urban areas of the country and has started looking for suitable premises in two of them. However, she feels that her idea could eventually work anywhere where there is a large enough population and the important thing is not to put anyone off getting in touch with her by stipulating areas at this stage.

Sue’s aim is for a parties to have between 40 and 60 people attending. This will be made up of as even a spread of males and females as possible.

How to get involved in this new kind of casual dating experience

Obviously, Sue can only draw up her guest-lists from active online casual-sex dating members. To start with, just letting her know the local areas which would suit you will be all that’s needed. Then, as soon as she feels confident that there is sufficient interest from both females and males within your preferred area(s) she will message you back with further details. The next stage will be for your pre-party, casual dating experience to be arranged. This will be with at least one member of the opposite sex who also wants to attend parties in the given area.

Following everyone else on her list doing the same, Sue will organise the initial party in your area and message you with the details of time and place

What will happen at the sex parties

The success of a sex party can be notoriously difficult to predict because it depends so much on the make-up, experience, balance and compatibility of the people attending. The sexual chemistry and moods of individuals are the other most important factors. Even the most expert and sympathetic hosting in the very best venue cannot make up for these things not being right.

This is why the casual dating experience, envisaged by Sue can make a party really swing. Instead of risking a random mismatch of strangers, each event will consist of a group of like-minded souls who have already dated at least one of the other guests and will have intimately discussed their desires of what a good party should be like. This, plus some expert hosting from Sue herself - or an equally experienced person when she is unable to attend - produces a winning formula for some sensational sex parties.

Sue’s experiences in casual dating

Sue has always enjoyed adventurous sex and considers monogamy to be boring and unnatural. She admits that her disastrous marriage for three years to a controlling, gospel preaching nutcase, who forced her to attend his church and outwardly live the life of some prudish Victorian sunday school mistress, may have played a part in forming her attitude.

Ever since the break-up of her marriage, Sue has enjoyed many casual dating experiences, including group-sex at swinger parties, threesomes and even gang-bangs. This kind of experience has not spoilt her enjoyment of one-to-one dating and she has had several long-term romances as well. However, these have all been with men who are totally happy to share her more adventurous casual dating experiences.